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Common Blunders That Can Damage Your Claim

There is no denying the fact that the steps after an accident are very crucial and complex. Any mistake after the accident can lead you to suffer from different kinds of damages. You may be distraught, flustered or shaken after an accident, but you are suggested here to avoid some specific mistakes which may prove [...]

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New York City Sues Oil Companies

NEW YORK. New York City is spending money to fight the effects of climate change. As a result of this, Mayor Bill De Blasio recently announced that the city would be suing five oil companies to collect billions of dollars to help the city adjust to changes caused by climate change. According to the New [...]

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The Hidden Dangers of Private Trash Collection in New York City

NEW YORK. ProPublica recently performed an investigation into private trash collection services in New York City, and the results were alarming and concerning. Seven people were killed by private garbage trucks in 2017, while city trucks have had no reported deaths since 2014. ProPublica reports that the problem stems from the fact that New York [...]

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Crossing the Street Safely: The Importance of Eye Contact

NEW YORK. Many of New York’s road users are pedestrians. While the city has been making changes to street crossings to increase pedestrian safety, every year, pedestrians are killed or injured in vehicle accidents while crossing the street in the city. The New York Times reports that 144 pedestrians were killed in New York City [...]

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Don’t Let a Car Crash Ruin Your Holiday

NEW YORK. According to USA Today, during the holiday season alone, 27,900 Americans will be injured in car crashes, and another 300 will die. During the holiday season, more people hit the road, leading to greater car accident injury risk. In addition to more traffic on the road, more drivers might be fatigued or be [...]

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New York Won’t Arrest You for Drinking Alcohol in Public—But Does This Put Pedestrian Safety at Risk?

NEW YORK. In March, the New York Times announced that individuals would no longer be arrested for minor crimes, like drinking in public. If the police determine that offenders don’t pose a risk to public safety, individuals will only receive summonses. However, if officers won’t be taking drunk pedestrians off city streets, could this pose [...]

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When Doctors Ignore Women During Childbirth, Medical Malpractice May Soon Follow

NEW YORK. According to NPR and ProPublica, more women die in childbirth in America than in any other developed country. The investigative report found that hospital care is geared toward the wellbeing of the newborn, while not always considering the health of the mother. Hospitals and doctors may not be prepared to handle maternal medical [...]

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New York City Crosswalks Give Pedestrians a “Head Start”

NEW YORK. According to NPR, approximately 25% of all pedestrian accidents in the U.S. occur when a pedestrian has a cross signal and a car has the green light to turn left. Both the driver and the pedestrian have the signal to go. It’s a situation that is understandably dangerous. Drivers who are turning left [...]

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Five Tips to Avoid A New York City Car Crash

NEW YORK. Thanksgiving is on its way. This means more drivers might be heading into the city to visit family and it also means that some drivers might be heading out for upstate celebrations. Regardless of which direction you are going, more people will be on the road over the holiday weekend. According to Time [...]

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When Being at Work Makes You Sick

NEW YORK. According to the New York Times, approximately 45 percent of American workers don’t have paid sick leave. This has an impact on all of us. Individuals who are injured in a car accident who don’t have paid sick leave may suffer the double burden of paying medical expenses and also struggling to make [...]

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