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Truck in Your Neighborhood? In New York City, the Driver May be Breaking the Law

NEW YORK. Are trucks driving through your neighborhood in New York? If so, the truck driver may be breaking the law. According to the New York City Department of Transportation, trucks are restricted to using specific routes through the city. Commercial trucks are limited to driving on Local Truck Routes and [...]

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Alternate Side Parking Driving, Biking, and Pedestrian Dangers

NEW YORK. Last year, in New York, a man died while parking his car. Parking accidents can certainly happen, but in New York, parking takes on a unique meaning thanks to the city’s alternate side parking rules. According to the New York Post, the man’s head became wedged between his car [...]

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Ten Symptoms After a Car Accident You Should Never Ignore

NEW YORK. Medical care is incredibly expensive. According to CNBC, the average deductible for the lowest-cost Obamacare health plan is $6,000. For a family, the average deductible can be as high as $12,393. Most Americans simply do not have $6,000 in the bank, much less $12,393 to pay for medical expenses [...]

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Are Truck Drivers Getting Enough Sleep?

NEW YORK. Driving while sleepy is incredibly dangerous. Yet, recent studies indicate that the drivers among us who most need to be alert and awake may be the most at risk for sleep disorders. According to the Sleep Help Institute, truck drivers can suffer from a range of medical conditions that [...]

Understanding & Avoiding Injuries Caused By Defective Products

It may not be common knowledge but our homes are possible sources of defective products. According to studies carried out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission more than 43,000 people sustained defective product injuries is the past couple of years and the majority of these were children under 18. No one is automatically entitled to [...]

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Common Blunders That Can Damage Your Claim

There is no denying the fact that the steps after an accident are very crucial and complex. Any mistake after the accident can lead you to suffer from different kinds of damages. You may be distraught, flustered or shaken after an accident, but you are suggested here to avoid some specific mistakes which may prove [...]

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New York City Sues Oil Companies

NEW YORK. New York City is spending money to fight the effects of climate change. As a result of this, Mayor Bill De Blasio recently announced that the city would be suing five oil companies to collect billions of dollars to help the city adjust to changes caused by climate change. [...]

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The Hidden Dangers of Private Trash Collection in New York City

NEW YORK. ProPublica recently performed an investigation into private trash collection services in New York City, and the results were alarming and concerning. Seven people were killed by private garbage trucks in 2017, while city trucks have had no reported deaths since 2014. ProPublica reports that the problem stems from the [...]

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Crossing the Street Safely: The Importance of Eye Contact

NEW YORK. Many of New York’s road users are pedestrians. While the city has been making changes to street crossings to increase pedestrian safety, every year, pedestrians are killed or injured in vehicle accidents while crossing the street in the city. The New York Times reports that 144 pedestrians were killed [...]

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