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Alternate Side Parking Driving, Biking, and Pedestrian Dangers

NEW YORK. Last year, in New York, a man died while parking his car. Parking accidents can certainly happen, but in New York, parking takes on a unique meaning thanks to the city’s alternate side [...]

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Ten Symptoms After a Car Accident You Should Never Ignore

NEW YORK. Medical care is incredibly expensive. According to CNBC, the average deductible for the lowest-cost Obamacare health plan is $6,000. For a family, the average deductible can be as high as $12,393. Most Americans [...]

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Understanding & Avoiding Injuries Caused By Defective Products

It may not be common knowledge but our homes are possible sources of defective products. According to studies carried out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission more than 43,000 people sustained defective product injuries is [...]

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The Hidden Dangers of Private Trash Collection in New York City

NEW YORK. ProPublica recently performed an investigation into private trash collection services in New York City, and the results were alarming and concerning. Seven people were killed by private garbage trucks in 2017, while city [...]

Crossing the Street Safely: The Importance of Eye Contact

NEW YORK. Many of New York’s road users are pedestrians. While the city has been making changes to street crossings to increase pedestrian safety, every year, pedestrians are killed or injured in vehicle accidents while [...]

New York Won’t Arrest You for Drinking Alcohol in Public—But Does This Put Pedestrian Safety at Risk?

NEW YORK. In March, the New York Times announced that individuals would no longer be arrested for minor crimes, like drinking in public. If the police determine that offenders don’t pose a risk to public [...]

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