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Injured Cyclist Reportedly Wins $6 Million in Accident Settlement

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2012 | Personal Injury

While motor vehicle accidents and bicycle accidents are fairly common in New York City, large personal injury settlements from those accidents are rare, which is why a court case in California caught our attention. A Santa Ana law firm announced that a multi-national corporation has agreed to pay their client, a 32-year-old cyclist who was injured in a collision with a shuttle bus near John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, $6 million in order to settle their personal injury lawsuit. Callahan & Blaine added that the identities of the cyclist and the corporation are being kept confidential under the terms of the settlement agreement.

The settlement is one of the largest bicycle accident settlements in the history of California, or any other state in the union, for that matter. Considering the personal injuries that the cyclist suffered, the amount of the settlement is unsurprising. According to court documents, the cyclist was injured on November 12, 2009. On the night of the accident, the shuttle bus driver pulled the bus up to the airport parking exit and stopped. As the cyclist took the right of way and commenced to ride past the bus, the shuttle bus accelerated forward, rolling over the cyclist and fracturing his pelvis. The driver later claimed that he did not see the cyclist before he struck him.

As a result of the bicycle accident, the cyclist was left with chronic pain in his neck, back and pelvis, and he suffered other internal injuries as well. This personal injury settlement for a motor vehicle accident will go a long way in helping the accident victim recover both physically and emotionally from this bicycle accident so that he can live a healthy, productive life.

At our New York City motor vehicle accident law firm, we know that bicycle accidents and other motor vehicle accidents that lead to wrongful deaths are more prevalent than ever in New York City, especially because biking is increasingly popular among New Yorkers. Our New York City personal injury attorneys will always be ready to fight for accident victims of any kind, so don’t hesitate to contact our New York City law offices if you have suffered a personal injury in a motor vehicle accident.