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Know What Steps to Take After a Personal Injury

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2012 | Personal Injury

Since no one thinks that they’re going to suffer a personal injury, many injury victims are unprepared to take control of their situation and minimize their losses. In order to do so, it’s necessary to be aware of which actions to take and in what order to take them if you’re going to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim or lawsuit. Here is a basic primer for injury victims who may not know where to begin.

Our personal injury law firm can recommend a few definite steps. The first thing to do is to seek medical attention. In terms of securing the largest settlement possible, this is absolutely crucial. If you don’t seek medical attention that a “reasonable person” would seek attention for after an accident, your case will be very flimsy because you’ll have no way of proving that the injuries occurred when you say they did. If you are unsure of whether or not to go to the doctor or the emergency room for your injuries, it’s better to be on the safe side rather than jeopardizing your personal injury claim.

Along these same lines, it’s definitely advisable to follow the doctor’s advice once your personal injuries have been diagnosed. If you ignore their suggestions, your chances of obtaining a settlement will be greatly reduced. Defendants will jump on the chance to blame you for your injuries on the basis that they were caused by not following your doctor’s advice.

Defendants in accident claims will try to do everything they can in order to minimize the settlement you receive for your injuries, so the next thing to do is create a safety net for you and your family just in case you’re not successful in your claim. In the event that your personal injuries have taken away your ability to continue working at your job, find another temporary job as soon as you can. Of course, winning a personal injury settlement will more than compensate for lost time at work and medical expenses, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

Of course, the most crucial step in the process is to contact the best personal injury lawyers that will fight to win you the accident claim settlement that you deserve. Our New York City personal injury attorneys will give you specific and detailed advice tailored to your unique situation, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.