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Construction site accident involves fall of over 30 feet

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2013 | Construction Accidents

One of the features that make up a city’s skyline is tall buildings. New York City, for instance, has towering skyscrapers that light up the night sky, while other cities may have tall hotels. It is inspiring when one thinks of the hundreds of hours of labor that went into erecting these massive structures. While architects often receive all of the praise for the design and shape of the building, it is the construction worker who puts in the sweat — and sometimes the blood — to make that paper vision become a physical reality.

A construction site accident occurred recently involving two construction workers. The workers were building a hotel when they suddenly fell. The fall was said to be over 30 feet in height. The cause of the accident is unknown as well as the extent of the workers’ injuries. The workers were transported by air to different hospitals.

It is safe to say that a fall of over 30 feet might result in back injuries for the workers. The fact that there was more than one construction worker who fell indicates that there could have been something defective with the scaffolding that was in place, or that they were hit by a beam. One thing is certain, and that is these two workers face a lot of challenges in the weeks ahead.

These challenges could include physical therapy, cognitive therapy, surgeries and any unanticipated complications that arise. Their families will undoubtedly have days of worry and find themselves facing a sudden loss of income. If they find themselves disputing the workers’ compensation their loved ones are receiving, they might meet with an attorney to determine their options.

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