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Multiple people injured in gas explosion at New York college

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2013 | Premises Liability

Dangerous property conditions cause dozens of accidents each year and while some may have been hidden, others were simply ignored. Property managers and owners are responsible for making sure that their buildings, grounds and other systems are properly maintained so that accidents don’t happen. Inadequate lighting, issues with foundations and other matters should be immediately addressed and the proper actions taken. When owners and managers fail in this responsibility, victims have the right to use the court system to obtain justice.

The causes and circumstances are unknown for a gas explosion that occurred recently at Nyack College in New York. It is also unknown if the explosion happened from a pipe, a heater or some other source but seven people are reportedly injured according to one account. No fatalities have been reported but home residents in the vicinity were asked to evacuate because of high gas levels.

Not much detail was released but it is said that some of the victims were injured from wood and glass; the doors and windows on the building were blown out when the explosion occurred. Two people were burned but none of the injuries were reported as life-threatening.

If it is determined that the blast was due to improper maintenance, the victims may have the option of filing a lawsuit against the college and hold it financially responsible for the damage incurred. Victims of such accidents can ask for the property owner to pay their medical bills and for the replacement of property. In such cases, an experienced attorney can be a great benefit.

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