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Highway Patrol claims driver error to be at fault in bus accident

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2013 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Municipal buses are large vehicles that weigh tens of thousands of pounds. Due to their size, and combined with the considerable number of occupants that may be inside at any given time, even the slightest driver error can result in injuries, disabilities and sometimes even fatalities when a Manhattan bus accident occurs. It is the responsibility of the New York City Transit Authority to protect passengers by putting qualified and able drivers behind the wheel, as well as properly maintain their bus lines at all times in order to prevent accidents from occurring.

A recent crash injured five commuters when a bus ran into a ditch after going through a stop sign. No other vehicles were named as leading to, or being involved in, the accident. After an investigation, a highway patrol captain said that the bus driver was at fault for the crash and will receive a fine and a citation. It is not known whether or not the bus driver will lose his job as a result.

Initially, the bus driver claimed that he swerved off of the road on account of defective brakes. However, an investigation dismissed that claim. The spokesperson of the bus company said that driving around a corner too fast may have been the true cause of the accident but law enforcement did not confirm that.

Whether due to driver error or a malfunctioning vehicle, when an individual is injured in a bus accident they can face severe physical and monetary challenges. Victims of NYCTA accidents may benefit from seeking council from an attorney who may be able to assist them in receiving compensation for medical expenses and damages.

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