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Cabby with road rage allegedly severs pedestrian’s foot in crash

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2013 | Firm News

The streets of Manhattan are busy and often stressful. Vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians must share the road in harmony in order to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. When a motorist experiences discord with someone while driving on the streets, their focus often moves from driving safely to interacting with whomever they are angry. All too often a driver distraction leads to serious bodily damages and even possible life-long disabilities.

A pedestrian’s foot was amputated after she was struck in an accident that was admittedly initiated by road rage. The taxi cab driver who allegedly caused the injury jumped a curb and hit the tourist after an altercation with a bike messenger. The driver had been cited in the past for an accident that caused an injury, as well as a number of other moving violations. Additionally, the man confessed that he knows that he is not a good driver but works as a cabby to support his family.

According to the New York cab driver’s own reports regarding the recent collision, he never saw the pedestrian prior to hitting her. He said that he sped away to put some distance between himself and the angry cyclist but is unsure how he lost control.

Distracted driving is dangerous because it keeps motorists from being able to pay attention to road hazards. Furthermore, distractions come in many forms including using a cell phone while driving and even being tired. It is important to put your full attention on the road at all times to prevent injury to yourself and others.

Source: New York Post, “Crash cabby admits he’s a bad driver and shouldn’t even be driving a cab,” Frank Rosario, August 22, 2013