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Pit bull bites elderly neighbor, not the dog’s first offense

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2013 | Premises Liability

In New York, dog owners have the responsibility of making sure that their pets are properly restrained so that they cannot harm other people. Time and again, a loving family pet has acted viciously and attacked others within the community. Canines have strong teeth and jaws and their bites can cause serious injury to the victim, both young and old.

According to reports, an elderly woman was on her own property when she was attacked by a pit bull that belonged to her next door neighbor. A boy who presumably lives in the community claimed that this is not the first time that same dog has attacked someone. He stated that he and a friend were also bitten at one time. The woman allegedly received significant injuries to her leg and arm and was taken to a hospital for evaluation. Reports indicate that the dog was detained by a fence that he hopped prior to the incident.

Even if a Manhattan property owner believes that their dog is sufficiently controlled behind a fence or by some other means, they will likely be held legally responsible for the accident if their animal gets out and causes injury to another person. Victims of animal attacks often face extended stays in the hospital, disfigurement and infections, as well as costly medical bills. They may also be financially impacted by lost wages given the time that is often needed to adequately heal from a violent attack. As such, victims may be able to seek compensation for damages suffered.

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