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Tarrytown woman allegedly dies at hands of nursing home worker

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2013 | Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Oftentimes when people think of Manhattan nursing home abuse they picture intolerable conditions as well as physical, mental and sexual mistreatment. However, not all abuse within an assisted living facility stems from direct and willful exploitation of the residents.

For example, nursing home negligence may arise from leaving a patient unattended for only a moment while knowing that they are at risk of falling. Further neglect takes place when a staff member of the elderly care facility fails to follow proper procedures, thus exposing a vulnerable patient to additional hazards. Cutting corners and providing lack of fundamental care can result in devastating injuries and, at times, even death.

This is allegedly the case for a Tarrytown woman who is said to have died while under the care of a nursing home worker. According to authorities, the woman was dropped by the worker and then left to bleed instead of immediately receiving appropriate medical care. The resident eventually succumbed to her injuries, though it is unclear whether or not she died at the scene or later on in a hospital. The worker allegedly failed to follow protocol and seek assistance from an additional nursing home employee, thus unsuccessfully attempting to move the victim on her own. The worker has been charged with the death.

When it is no longer feasible to provide a loved one with proper care, many turn to New York assisted living facilities to deliver support. Finding out that a family member has been neglected at such a facility is highly distressing. Speaking with an attorney about the intricate elder abuse laws may help bring some peace to those facing such a painful hardship.

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