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New York looks to combat distracted driving with ‘Texting Zones’

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2013 | Firm News

Texting and driving is a problem in New York. According to reports, over 5,500 tickets were issued for texting-related infractions during an approximately two month period this year. Additionally, just over 16,000 tickets were issued for cell phone use during this time.

Driver distractions are not new, but the relatively recent advent of modern communications technology, and the ability to stay connected during nearly every step of life, has increased distracted driving incidents. In an attempt to combat an ever-increasing concern, Mayor Andrew Cuomo recently announced an upcoming safety campaign that is designed to focus on awareness and prevention.

According to reports, “Texting Zones” will be available to drivers who feel that they can’t wait to send a text. These safe zones will be set up in areas such as Chautauqua County, Erie County, Genesee County and Cattaraugus County. All throughout New York, a total of 91 zones will be available. In reality, they will merely be service areas and rest stops, but the name change, complete with traffic signs alerting drivers of an upcoming zone, will hopefully encourage motorists to drive safer. The movement is also meant to discourage them from texting and driving out of concerns of being penalized.

Although this safety campaign against texting while driving is a positive first step, in reality it won’t completely eradicate distracted driving accidents involving a cell phone. As such, if you have been in a collision because the other person was on their phone, contacting a personal injury attorney is a good way to attempt to seek compensation for damages.

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