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What are the common causes of automobile accidents in New York City?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2014 | Firm News

On average, 115 people across the US die each day as a result of auto accidents. According to the most recent stats available from the DMV, in 2012 there were almost 70,000 automobile crashes in NYC, of which, 253 (0.37%) were fatal. Twenty-four of the fatalities were where no restraints had been used. Peak times for accidents in New York City are between 3-6pm, when nearly a quarter of incidents occur, with Friday being the worst day of the week. The age groups most likely to be involved in an auto accident in New York City are 25-29 & 45-49.

What causes auto accidents in NYC?

By far the greatest cause of automobile accidents is negligence on the part of the driver or rider. Negligence is essentially a failure to exercise reasonable care, which results in personal injury or damage to property. In the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Summary – New York City Motor Vehicle Crashes 2012, the top three contributing human factors are cited as driver inattention and distraction (11,866), failure to yield right of way (6,816), and following too closely (6,437). Compared to the other main causes of accidents – defective brakes and inadequate tires accounted for 501 & 133 accidents, respectively, while 2,745 accidents occurred as a result of slippery pavements, obstructed views, and glare – driver negligence still ranks the highest.

Claims for auto accidents are the most common type of lawsuit filed by New York accident attorneys but not every accident merits litigation; if no one is injured, for example, it is unlikely that a claim would be successful, whereas a serious injury could result in a car accident lawyer securing sizeable compensation for the injured party.

What if the claimant is responsible, or partly responsible for the accident?

Sometimes the injured party bears some responsibility, and a jury will need to decide to which degree the plaintiff is to blame. In such situations, it is essential to hire a New York auto accident attorney who will be able to advise you, and help to make sure that you are awarded as much of your claim as possible. In some States, the Law decrees that a plaintiff found to be more than 50% culpable is not entitled to any recompense; this is not the case in New York, however, and a car accident attorney will be able to advise as to the validity of your claim and whether your lawsuit is likely to succeed.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an automobile accident in NYC, you need to speak to a New York City auto accident attorney as soon as possible as there is a finite time during which a lawsuit may be filed. Our expert accident attorneys at Antin, Ehrlich, and Epstein LLP will determine whether you are eligible for compensation to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Contact us today on 917-730-7151 to schedule a free consultation.