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Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer in New York City

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2014 | Firm News

First of all, why might you need a car accident lawyer? If you have been involved in an automobile accident, a car accident attorney will assess whether you have a claim, and if so, will fight in your corner, and be able to secure a settlement on your behalf.

Also, as with other types of vehicular accident claims, insurance adjusters will usually try to get you to accept a much lower settlement than you may be entitled to; after all, they are not in the business of just giving money away, so will often do all they can to part with as little as possible.

Any car accident lawyer worth his or her salt will also help you cut through what could be reams of red tape, thus helping to reduce stress and anxiety during what is already a very difficult time.

Car accidents happen every day in New York, although fortunately, most are minor and can be effectively dealt with without having to engage a car accident attorney. However, if your accident has resulted in a significant damage to property, or a physical injury, then you really do need to hire a professional to deal with your claim, and to secure compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and repair bills.

What you should look for in a car accident attorney

The most obvious aspect, when looking for a car accident lawyer, is experience. An experienced and skilled car accident attorney will be able to help your case, with the minimum possible fuss, and in the swiftest time. If the lawyer you are considering giving your business to is not completely au fait with state and national transportation laws, dealing with insurance companies and healthcare providers, you should find one who is.

You should also look into the lawyer’s background, their track record, success rate, and references. These are the best lawyer reference-checking resources available, and we strongly recommend using them when seeking a lawyer for any reason:

Before engaging the services of a car accident lawyer, you should also, always, ask about their fees. Although it is standard practice these days for attorneys to operate on a “no win, no fee” basis, some law firms may have a different fee structure.

Most car accident attorneys will give free consultations, so beware those who tell you that they’ll waive their consultation fee if you use their services. Similarly, don’t be fooled by any car accident lawyer who tells you that they are doing you a favor, or giving you a “special deal”, by having a contingency fee model.

Before meeting with any attorney, you should always ensure you have as much information as possible about the accident, any injuries, and the financial losses you’ve sustained. Also make sure you have any relevant documentation – including any correspondence between yourself and the insurance adjuster – for your car accident lawyer to look at.

What you should be asking a car accident lawyer

To sum up;

  • How much of their practice is devoted to car accident claims
  • How much experience they you have with the kind of injury you have sustained
  • What kind of settlement you might be looking at
  • Whether they will handle every aspect of your case, and if not, how much of it you will be expected to deal with yourself
  • Their fee structure
  • Any additional expenses and costs you could be liable for, in addition to the car accident lawyer’s fees

As with any goods or services, it’s always wise to shop around, so don’t feel obliged to go with a firm just because you’ve had a consultation with them. If you don’t feel confident and comfortable with a car accident attorney, you are not obliged to give them your business. Above all, remember, they will be working for you, so it’s imperative that you feel you are getting good value for your money.

If you have been injured in a car accident in New York City, you may wish to speak to New York City car accident attorneys as soon as possible. Our expert car accident lawyers at Antin, Ehrlich, and Epstein LLP will determine the best course of action in order to get you the settlement you are entitled to. Contact us today on 917-730-7151 to schedule a free, no obligation, consultation.