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Fight an Insufficient Settlement Offering With a Car Accidents Attorney in New York

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2015 | Firm News

People purchase car insurance with the knowledge that it will help them if they’re ever in a car accident. The insurance company for the at-fault driver is supposed to give the victim of an accident enough money to help them financially recover from the accident. With more serious car accidents, this can add up to quite a bit of money quickly. When the victim speaks with the insurance company, they may be offered a settlement amount. Especially in serious accidents, it’s recommended that victims speak with a New York car accidents attorney before accepting this settlement.

Amount of Settlement Offered

Most of the time, the insurance company is not going to offer an adequate settlement. The amount they offer may cover immediate medical expenses and car repairs, but it may not cover future medical bills, lost wages, or a rental car until the car is repaired. If the person accepts the settlement, they’ll be responsible for covering everything the settlement doesn’t cover. At that point, there isn’t much a lawyer can do to help.

A Legal Consultation

Instead of accepting the settlement offer, it’s recommended the victim speaks with a car accidents attorney in New York. The attorney will take a look at the expenses from the accident and the settlement amount offered to determine if it’s an adequate amount. If it is, the person can simply accept the settlement. If it isn’t, the attorney will recommend legal action, and the person can choose to hire the attorney to take the next step. The consultation is usually free and gives the person the chance to find out what their options are.

Paying for an Attorney

Someone who has been in a serious accident and is in need of help covering the related expenses likely doesn’t have much money to spare. This is often the reason people accept a lower settlement and don’t seek advice from an attorney. A New York car accidents attorney doesn’t charge the person the same way another type of attorney will. In fact, they don’t charge their clients at all. The legal fees are going to be included in the settlement they get from the insurance company. Therefore, if the person wins a settlement, the attorney is paid out of the settlement funds. If the person doesn’t receive a settlement, the attorney won’t be paid.

Obtaining an Adequate Settlement

Once the person has hired an automobile accidents attorney, they’ll work closely with the attorney to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. If a settlement cannot be agreed on, the case can go to court. Most cases, however, are settled through the negotiation process. The attorney will discuss possible settlements with the insurance company and not agree to an amount until they reach an agreement that offers their client sufficient money to cover all accident-related expenses, including legal fees.

Anyone who has been in a car accident could benefit from a consultation with a vehicle accidents attorney. Even if they find out the settlement offer is sufficient, they’ll at least walk away with the knowledge that accepting the settlement is the right move. If they’ve been in a serious car accident and they find out the settlement offer is insufficient, the New York car accidents lawyer will work closely with them to ensure they receive an adequate settlement.