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Personal Injury Checklist: Automobile Accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2015 | Firm News

Being the victim of an automobile accident is something everyone hopes to avoid; however, it happens to many Americans every year regardless of how careful they are. Although it can be a difficult time between hospital visits and finding a lawyer, it is important to be able to prove that the other party was at fault in order to get compensation for your injuries. If you think you might have a personal injury claim after being injured through someone else’s fault or negligence behind the wheel, here are the forms of proof you’ll need to prove your claim.


Taking pictures of your injuries and the damage done to your vehicle allows your claim to make a lasting impression. It’s hard to argue with photographic evidence. Take photos at the time of the injury, and periodically take new ones to track the progress of your medical treatment. This will back up the information presented in your medical records, as well as making it more vivid. All photographs should be time stamped to keep things organized and show a clear, linear progression from the time of the accident.

Medical Records

Seeking treatment immediately after sustaining an injury is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure a favorable outcome for an injury claim. Retain records from every single doctor visit, and keep them all on file. Prescriptions, treatments, x-rays, and tests create a detailed story for you to present. As well as showing the extent of your injuries, these documents will show the medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident. This shows not only how serious your injuries are, but also how much money will be awarded to cover medical bills.

Pay Stubs

Lost wages are often factored into personal injury settlements, so if you have lost income due to being unable to work, you have to prove it. Having several recent pay stubs on hand will demonstrate how much you typically make in a given amount of time. This will show the insurance adjuster how much you should be compensated for lost wages. Also, be sure to make note of any expenses incurred as a result of the accident and save receipts.

Keeping a written record of your injuries will corroborate the narrative told by your pictures and medical records. Make sure each entry is dated and sufficiently describes the symptoms you felt on that day, such as pain, discomfort, level of mobility, etc. Creating a detailed picture will help to convey what you are going through in order to maximize your settlement award. A diary will also help you discuss your injuries with your doctor so you can get the best possible treatment.

You can’t be too thorough when it comes to documenting your injuries. Keeping careful records can mean the difference between a successful personal injury claim and missing out on an adequate settlement. For more information about making a personal injury claim, contact the New York personal injury experts at the law offices of Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein  at 917-730-7151 for a free consultation today.