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Signs You Should Get a New Personal Injury Lawyer

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2015 | Firm News

Choosing a personal injury lawyer is a tough decision, and one that could have a lasting impact on your life. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you get the right person for the job. If you’ve been recently injured in an accident, you probably want to ensure the best possible outcome for your claim. If you think the person you hired is unwilling to fight for the compensation you deserve, it might be time to look for a new New York accident lawyer.

Your case is not moving forward

If you feel that your attorney is not devoting adequate time and attention to your case, it is probably a good idea to find someone who will. Remember, you have the right to fire your personal injury lawyer at any time, so make the decision that’s best for your case and your future. If your lawyer does not prioritize your claim or you have trouble reaching them on the phone, that means they probably are not very invested in the outcome. It’s better to find an attorney who will take your case seriously.

You disagree about how the case should be handled

Making sure you’re on the same page about how the case should proceed is an important part of selecting a personal injury lawyer. For example, if you feel that the settlement amount is inadequate and would like to pursue a court case, make sure your lawyer supports that decision and is willing to do so. If you have a fundamental disagreement about an important aspect of the case, it’s unlikely the attorney will come around.

Your personal injury lawyer has bad reviews

It is fairly easy to find law directories online, and many offer client reviews of their attorneys. Of course, your own experience should be your guide, but if you find that other clients have had similar negative experiences, that establishes a pattern. Client reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, since it’s impossible to know who exactly is doing the reviewing and what their motivations are. However, a large amount of negative reviews often points to a problem that goes beyond one or two badly handled cases.

Your lawyer does not have experience

If you lose confidence in your attorney due to their lack of experience with personal injury cases, it is wise to find a lawyer who specializes in these kinds of cases. It is important to have confidence that your lawyer will ensure a positive outcome for your claim. Always make sure you look up records and reviews before hiring a new accident attorney, and ask for references from previous clients. That way you know your lawyer has plenty of experience with cases like yours.

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