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Could Tolling Drivers Who Enter New York City Prevent Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2017 | Firm News

NEW YORK. Across New York City cashless tolling systems have replaced traditional tollbooths staffed by toll collectors. According to the New York Times, nine former toll booths will undergo a shift to cashless tolling. The shift has raised the question about whether drivers should be tolled for entering congested areas of the city. With the shift to cashless tolling, the city now has more avenues for congestion pricing.

Cashless tolling keeps traffic moving. A camera photographs cars as they pass under the toll and a bill is either charged to the driver’s EZPass or the driver gets a bill by mail based on their license plate. Formerly, the biggest criticism of congestion pricing was the concern that it would slow down New York City traffic if toll booths had to be placed at tunnels and bridges. But, given the success of cashless tolling, it is clear that the city doesn’t need to ask cars to stop to get them to pay.

Supporters of congestion pricing claim that it could raise money to improve the city’s ailing subway system while also reducing the number of cars that enter Manhattan and other congested areas of the city. According to the New York Times, 229 pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists were killed in New York City in 2016. While the city has moved to increase the number of bike lanes and raise awareness among drivers and pedestrians at street crossings, congestion plays a role in accidents. Drunk driving, text messaging, distracted driving, and speeding are all also contributing factors in car accidents, bike accidents, and deadly pedestrian accidents.

The victims impacted by car accidents in New York hail from all walks of life and represent diverse age groups. Among the people who were killed in accidents last year, the victims include an elderly pedestrian, an 8-month old infant, and an experienced cyclist.

In addition to legislation to control congestion, the city has been held responsible when construction and repairs fail to take into account cyclists and pedestrians. According to the New York Times, the city was found partly liable when a cyclist was seriously injured in a bike accident.

Individuals who are injured in pedestrian or bike accidents sometimes face a long road to recovery. They may face high medical bills, may miss time from work, or may struggle with pain and suffering. If you or a loved one was hurt in a car accident in New York, consider speaking to the car accident lawyers at Antin, Ehrlich, & Epstein, L.L.P. Our firm works closely with victims and families, helping them identify possible stakeholders in their crashes. We can fight to help you seek the recovery you may deserve under the law to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, you may only have a limited amount of time under the law to take action.