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5 important points to know about slip or trip falls

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2022 | Slip, Trip & Fall

Slipping or tripping can lead to a fall that causes serious injuries. These incidents can occur at home, out in public or at work. Regardless of where it occurs, the victim should remember some important points in these cases.

Regardless of where you are, try to remain aware of your surroundings, including the state of the ground where you’ll walk. This may help to prevent some falls that lead to injuries.

#1: Preventative measures are important

Preventing falls is a priority. Various measures are useful for this. Commercial establishments may use mats and fans to prevent wet floors due to rain or snow. Signage alerting people to uneven, wet or abnormal flooring is important. Ultimately, property owners should take reasonable steps to keep everyone safe.

#2: Incidents can happen anywhere

Slip or trip and fall incidents can happen indoors and outdoors. Wet floors, objects on the floors and uneven surfaces are three of the more common causes. Property owners and business managers should evaluate the state of a company to determine what can be done to improve safety.

#3: Accident reports are vital

If you fall at a business, file an accident or incident report. This could be vital if you opt to pursue a claim for compensation. Unless you have a life-threatening injury, you should be able to fill this out at the time of the fall. Get a copy of it for your records.

#4: Medical care is crucial

Immediate medical care is crucial after a fall like this. There are two primary reasons for this. First, you can get treatment for any injuries you have. Second, it establishes a tie between the fall and the injuries you suffered.

#5: Catastrophic results are possible

While many slip or trip and fall incidents are minor, there are others that result in catastrophic injuries. People who suffer from head or spinal cord injuries may have lifelong effects to cope with. These can make it impossible to work enough to support themselves.

Anyone injured in a fall caused by a slip or trip should ensure they get the medical care they need. Seeking compensation is possible when the property owner’s negligence is a factor in the incident. This can help you to recover the damages related to the injury. In many cases, this involves seeking compensation for missed wages and medical care expenses. New York has specific time limits for these cases so act quickly.