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Why are delivery trucks so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Online shopping has exploded in popularity, and that means you’re seeing more delivery trucks on the streets than ever.

Why is this a problem? Well, companies are having an increasingly difficult time keeping up with consumer demands. This has caused delivery drivers to become increasingly overworked and fatigued. Fatigued driving alone can be dangerous, affecting a delivery driver’s ability to respond to changes in traffic patterns, pedestrians on the road and other hazards.

That’s far from the only reason delivery trucks are dangerous

The problems delivery drivers face create a sort of “domino effect” that leads to problems for everybody else on the road. Some of the common problems you can face around delivery drivers include:

  • Inexperienced drivers: Companies have been desperate for the human resources they need to keep the deliveries going, and that means that they’re often willing to use drivers who aren’t very experienced. That lack of experience can lead to foolish mistakes and serious wrecks.
  • Dooring incidents: Think you’re safe if you’re passing a stopped delivery vehicle? Don’t count on it. Those large, boxy vehicles have big blind spots, and harried drivers may open their doors right into traffic – something that can be deadly for motorcyclists and bicyclists alike.
  • Unpredictable movements: Delivery drivers often have one eye out for the street address they’re trying to find and one ear on their GPS devices, which means they may make sudden turns or stops – sometimes without regard to other vehicles (especially those caught in their blind spots).
  • Rollover accidents: Many of those delivery trucks are packed in a hurry. If a driver makes a quick turn or gets caught in a high wind, the load can become imbalanced and tip the truck completely over. Another vehicle caught in its path could easily be crushed.

If you get injured in a wreck with a delivery truck, you need to protect your interests. That’s not easy to do against a big company without experienced legal guidance of your own.