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What drivers should do after a rear-end collision

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

People tend to look ahead of their vehicles in traffic to watch for collision risks. However, many crashes involve someone being hit from behind and are therefore very difficult to avoid. Rear-end collisions are notorious for causing soft tissue injuries and also traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) if people hit their heads on vehicle components.

Those involved in a rear-end crash often feel shaken up and unsure of what they should do next. The three steps below are all important for anyone who is rear-ended in traffic.

Get insurance information of the other driver

The person at fault for the crash will typically help cover the cost of those affected by the wreck with their liability insurance coverage. Using a phone to take pictures of someone’s insurance documents or writing down the details of their proof of insurance paperwork will be important for the claims process later.

Contact the police to report the crash

New York state law actually requires that anyone involved in a crash resulting in injuries or significant property damage notify the local authorities. Reporting the crash is also of the utmost importance for the process of securing compensation. Especially if the driver who caused the wreck couldn’t produce proof of insurance, a police report will be of the utmost importance for someone who needs to use their own policy for coverage or take another driver to court.

Seek medical attention

Concerning medical issues ranging from soft tissue injuries like whiplash to TBIs often have delayed symptom onset, meaning it could be several days after a crash before someone realizes there is something wrong. The sooner someone sees a doctor, the quicker they can start receiving treatment. Even if the individual hurt in the crash is not from New York, it will be important to have medical records from New York during any complicated insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit that may follow the collision.

Those who already have a plan in place about how to handle a crash will have an easier time protecting themselves and reducing their losses related to a wreck. Knowing what steps to take after a rear-end collision can help someone hold the driver who hit them accountable for their harm.