Do I need a personal injury attorney? 2019-02-26T12:55:11-04:00

Do I need a personal injury attorney?

We assume that you have already decided that you need an attorney to represent yourself, and that your question is asking why you need a personal injury attorney instead of another type of attorney.

The answer is “Yes – you need a personal injury attorney!”

Why?  Because, when you are injured, you are in a very specialized set of circumstances. Lawyers have their specialties just like other professionals.  You wouldn’t go to a foot doctor if you had a skin rash on your face, or ask a chemical engineer to build a bridge over the Hudson River.

When you hire a personal injury attorney, you are also hiring that attorney’s years of experience in understanding specific case law, knowing how to negotiate with insurance companies, knowing which courts prefer to hear what types of arguments, and understanding likely medical costs that may arise over time from a given injury.  This specificity cannot be expected of a general practice attorney who, while competent, needs to know a little bit about hundreds of different legal areas.

Don’t take a chance with your future.  It will cost you no more to hire a specialist than a generalist.  When you are dealing with costs that may be recurring over the rest of your long life, it makes sense to place your trust in the expert for your specific problem.


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