How is the first consultation? What papers will I need? 2018-08-16T04:23:51-04:00

How is the first consultation? What papers will I need?

First, the best news:  Your first consultation with the personal injury lawyers at Antin Ehrlich & Epstein will be totally free of both cost and obligation.  You don’t have to pay us a cent, and you don’t have to agree with or follow through on any recommendations we give you.

At the end of this free consultation, we will give you a straightforward evaluation of your claim and a summary of the option you have for different actions.  In order to do this, you will need to bring as many of the following documents as you can:

–        Written statement with your version of the events

–        Copies of official documents relating to the event, such as police reports or physician and hospital records

We will have many questions for you once we have read these documents.  So, please come prepared to relax and have a pleasant conversation – you are not on trial and nothing you say to us can be revealed to any other party without your permission.  It may take an hour or more, but that is the only way to truly evaluate your situation and suggest the best options.

Call us today – we have a hot beverage waiting for you!


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