How do I choose an attorney? 2018-08-16T04:15:43-04:00

How do I choose an attorney?

The fact that you are reading this FAQ shows that you have figured out at least one possible way to find an attorney.  That may have been through researching on the internet, a personal recommendation, or perhaps seeing an advertisement somewhere in NYC.

If you are evaluating several attorneys, there are several factors you should look for:

–        Education

–        Legal skills

–        Experience in the Personal Injury field

–        Past success in resolving cases, whether before trial or by taking it to trial

–        Willingness to suggest several courses of action and the benefits and costs of each

–        Trial experience, should your case need to go that far

Perhaps most importantly, you need to feel comfortable with your attorney, and feel safe and confident in telling him/her everything associated with the case.


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