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Get Help Recovering From Severe Burn Injuries In Your Apartment

Severe burns can be some of the most painful and difficult-to-heal injuries that a person can suffer. You have months if not years of treatment ahead of you in order to fully recover from your burn injury, and you will need help to make it through this time. The bills can pile up as you are going through your treatment, and as you are missing out on work during your recovery time. These types of burns happen easily in a small apartment or high rise structure with faulty wiring, especially when the landlord has not been maintaining the safety of the property.

At Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein, LLP, Attorneys at Law, in New York City, we have seen these types of injuries happen all to often to people because of a negligent landlord not properly taking care of their rental units. We can help you get the fair compensation that you deserve for the injury that you have suffered, as well as the pain and suffering that you have gone through because of this.

Severe Burns Are Serious Injuries That Require Seasoned Attorneys On Your Side

It is unfortunately common for fires to spring out in older rental and high rise structures due to the negligence of the landlord. Your building may have blocked ingress and egress passages that the landlord is legally required to keep clear in case an evacuation is necessary, such as a blocked off fire escape or a cluttered hallway filled with refuse. Other common issues such as faulty wiring in the electrical system of your building or a gas leak can also easily lead to a dangerous inferno.

Our office has seen all manner of injuries from these types if fires, including first-degree burns which are mostly on the outer layer of skin, second-degree burns that affect both the outer layer and some of the tissue layers underneath and third-degree burns that involve deep damage to the tissue affected. These burns can easily result in long lasting wounds, loss of function or even death in the worst cases. Our team of attorneys have handled these types of cases before, and we are effective at getting compensation for victims so that they can begin the road to recovery.

Let Us Help You With Your Case

You do not have to continue to struggle with your injuries alone. Our office can help you find the pathway forward so that you are not left with a growing pile of medical bills without the chance of getting compensation from those responsible for hurting you. We have taken careless and negligent landlords to court before and know how to get them to pay for what they are responsible for.

If you are ready to work with our team, then you can come and speak with a member of our team by calling 917-730-7151. You can also send a message online to our team with a few details of your situation if you would prefer. We offer free initial consultations and you don’t pay us unless we win your case, so you can speak with us at no obligation to you.