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Settlements of Our New York Attorneys

settlementsLabor Law Violation – $925,000 Settlement for Construction Worker who Fell from Ladder

In this recent personal injury case, the 33-year-old plaintiff fell from an unsecured ladder inside of a boiler room during the course of his employment.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $925,000 Settlement for a Bicyclist Hit by Commercial Van

$925,000 settlement for a bicyclist who suffered a de-gloving injury to his left lower extremity when hit by a delivery van at an intersection in Brooklyn. Of note is the fact that the bicyclist, despite his injuries, was able resume bicycling within months of the accident.

Work Related Injuries – $850,000 Settlement for Worker Injured due to Missing Step on Truck

In this work-related injury case, the plaintiff, whose job entailed moving and loading trucks, sustained serious personal injuries due to a missing step on the truck he was attempting to exit.

Construction Accident – $775,000 Settlement For Carpenter who Twisted his Knee at a Construction Site

The plaintiff, a carpenter, stepped off of a ladder onto a small piece of sheet metal, causing an exacerbation of a pre-existing left knee injury.  The new incident  required 3 subsequent left knee surgeries to fully restore the knee’s function.

Construction Accident – $750,000 Settlement for Construction Worker Hit by Bricks

A New York City construction worker was working in a shaft when he was struck by falling bricks. He was injured as a result of this construction accident. The personal injury lawyers at Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein helped him receive a $750,000 settlement.

Construction Accident – $750,000 Settlement for Wrongful Death of Plumber

A plumber was killed when the ditch he was working in at a construction site caved in. His family choose the law firm of Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein to represent his estate. Our attorneys were able to win a $750,000 wrongful death settlement for the estate because the construction companies were negligent in shoring up the sides of the ditch as it was being dug.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $600,000 Settlement for American Student Injured in Canada

An American student who was in Quebec, Canada, was involved in a one-car accident as a passenger. The incident caused the student to suffer a well healed cervical vertebrae fracture without residuals. Had Canadian law been applied to the case, the student would not have been able to recover anything. However, the attorneys from Antin, Elrich & Epstein successfully argued that American law should apply in this case.

Personal Injury- $600,000 Settlement for Severe Burns Caused by Shower

A plaintiff was taking a warm shower when suddenly the water becoming scalding hot. The plaintiff suffered severe burns to their body as a result of the scalding water. Personal Injury attorneys at Antin, Elrich & Epstein were able to get a $600,000 settlement for the victim.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $575,000 Settlement for Tibia/Fibula Fracture

In this March 19, 2009 personal injury case, the plaintiff, a 38-year-old physician, was crossing the street outside of the crosswalk. He was struck by a left turning motor vehicle, causing him to sustain a tibia/fibula fracture which required surgery.

Premises Liability – $500,000 Settlement for Burns to Infant from Steam Riser Pipe in Bronx Apartment

In this personal injury action, the infant plaintiff, nine-months old at the time, suffered severe burns when he fell off of a bed and came into contact with an exposed, uncovered, and uninsulated extension and riser pipe in the rear bedroom of his parents’ Bronx apartment.  The hazard was been known and documented to the building managers for some time prior to the incident.

Slip and Fall – $485,000 Settlement for Construction Worker Who Slipped and Fell on Ramp During Work

A construction worker in New York City was injured after he slipped and fell while walking down a ramp to get to an excavation site. He suffered a torn rotator cuff and required surgery. The construction accident attorneys at Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein were able to get the worker a $485,000 injury settlement.


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