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Settlements of Our New York Attorneys

settlementsPersonal Injury- $450,000 Settlement for Bicyclist Who Was Hit By New York City Bus

A bicyclist was hit by a Manhattan bus in an that was unreported by the bus driver. The bicyclist suffered injuries as a result of the accident. The lawyers at Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein were able to win a $450,000 personal injury settlement for the biker.


Labor Law Violation – $425,000 Settlement for Plasterer Fall from Scaffold

This personal injury labor law case was successfully resolved despite evidence that the accident was solely our client’s fault.  The client knowingly used a scaffold that was too big for the area he was working in instead of using a readily available, smaller ladder which would have fit into the space better.

Slip and Fall – $375,000 Settlement for Department of Sanitation Supervisor Who Fell on Stairs

A Department of Sanitation supervisor was seriously injured while on the job. He was going down the stairs at the Department of Sanitation offices when he slipped and fell. As a result of the fall, he suffered a tear of the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus which required arthroscopic repair and partial tears of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and fibular collateral ligaments in his left leg.

Negligent Security – $325,000 Settlement for Man Stabbed Outside of His Apartment

A Brooklyn man who was attacked and stabbed right outside of the front door of his apartment was able to win a settlement against the owner of the apartment building. It was proven that there was negligent security in his apartment building. The negligent security lawyers at Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein argued and won the case.

Chemical Exposures & Toxic Torts – $325,000 Settlement for a 9-months-old Infant

In this personal injury case, the infant plaintiff, 9-months-old at the time of the accident, sustained serious burns to her left thigh and left leg which were caused by an exposed “riser” pipe in her apartment.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $319,000 Settlement for Motorcyclist in One Motorcycle Accident

A motorcyclist took his bike to the shop to get its brakes repaired. However, an improper repair of the brakes caused the brakes to fail and resulted in the motorcyclist getting into a one-motorcycle accident. He suffered wrist and metacarpal fractures.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $300,000 Settlement for Vespa Scooter Operator

The plaintiff in this case was operating a Vespa Scooter which was struck by a car, causing her to sustain fractures to both wrists. She subsequently underwent surgery to repair the fractures.

Bus Accident – $300,000 Verdict for Passenger on a New York City Bus which Allegedly Stopped Short

In this motor vehicle accident case, the plaintiff, was a passenger on a crowded New York City bus which was traveling southbound on 5th Avenue during rush hour traffic.  The bus driver jammed on the brakes abruptly, causing another passenger to fall on the plaintiff’s ankle.  The plaintiff suffered a right ankle fracture requiring surgery as a result of the mishap.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $300,000 Settlement for 63 Year Old Woman Involved in Car Accident

A 63 year old woman was involved in a car accident. She suffered a torn rotator cuff requiring arthroscopic repair and injuries to her neck and lower back which required never block injections for pain as a result of the incident.

Slip and Fall Accident – $250,000 Settlement for an Elderly Woman that Tripped Over an Unmarked Curb

Antin, Ehrlich and Epstein, a New York City based personal injury law firm, recently obtained a $250,000 settlement for an elderly woman who tripped and fell over an unmarked curb. The accident took place in a parking garage, where an uneven step caused the fall, and resulted in the elderly woman breaking her hip.


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