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Settlements of Our New York Attorneys

settlementsMotor Vehicle Accident – $250,000 Settlement for Post Officer Hit While at Work

A Post Office employee was driving her Post Office vehicle when it was rear-ended by another car. As a result of this accident, the employee suffered exacerbation of previous lower back and cervical herniated discs, and required surgery.


Labor Law Violation – $250,000 Settlement for a Window Installer Who Fell from Ladder He Knowingly and Improperly Placed

The plaintiff, a window installer, was seriously injured when he fell from an A frame ladder which he improperly placed. He fractured his right wrist and subsequently underwent surgical repair involving pins and screws.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $250,000 Settlement for Operator of Speeding Motorcycle

The plaintiff, a motorcyclist, struck a truck which was backing out of a driveway.  As a result, he suffered a fractured pelvis which required an open reduction and internal fixation. The plaintiff’s motorcycle left more than 50 feet of skid marks at the scene of the occurrence and a non–party witness testified that the motorcycle was traveling almost 100 miles per hour moments before the impact occurred.

Slip and Fall Accident – $240,000 Settlement for a Woman Who Fell in a New York City Housing Authority Elevator

A $240,000 settlement was obtained by the New York City based personal injury law firm Antin, Ehrlich and Epstein, on behalf of a woman who slipped and fell in an elevator in an NYC Housing Authority apartment building.

Construction Accident – $225,000 Settlement for Construction Worker Injured in Fall

A New York City construction worker who was about to be deported was injured on a work site. He fell while trying to scale a fence to get to a height, instead of using a ladder. As a result of the fall he suffered a broken wrist which required surgery.

Personal Injury – $225,000 for Construction Worker

$225,000 settlement for construction worker who suffered a fractured ankle requiring open reduction with internal fixation (ORIF) after an unauthorized truck entered roadside construction site.

Labor Law Violation – $215,000 Settlement for Worker who Fell from Ladder While “Hopping” it to Move from Place to Place.

In this personal injury labor law case, the plaintiff, a 40-year-old foreman, fell off of a ladder at a job site.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $210,000 Settlement for School Bus Driver

This personal injury case settled for $210,000.00 on the eve of the trial . The plaintiff, a 41-year-old school bus driver, was rear ended while driving a school bus in the course of her employment.

Slip and Fall Accident – $200,000 Settlement For a Man That Fell Due to Icy Steps

A $200,000 settlement was secured by New York City based personal injury law firm Antin, Ehrlich and Epstein, on behalf of a man who slipped and fell on an icy front step of a house. This slip and fall caused the man to suffer a fractured ankle, which could only be treated with a soft cast. The personal injury attorneys at Antin, Ehrlich and Epstein were able to prove that the liability lay with the owner of the house, thus entitling the man who fell to the settlement.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $200,000 Settlement for Pedestrian Who Underwent a Left Knee Arthroscopy

The plaintiff, a pedestrian crossing the street with the walk signal, was struck by a vehicle which was making a left turn. The plaintiff suffered a left knee meniscal tear, requiring an arthroscopic repair.

Premises Liability- $200,000 Settlement for Plaintiff Who Fractured Ankle

A plaintiff fractured his ankle after he slipped and fell on icy stairs. The plaintiff did not require surgery as the result of the injury.

The personal injury lawyers at Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein were able to quickly resolve this case and win a $200,000 injury settlement for the plaintiff.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $100,000 for Pedestrian Struck While Crossing Road

$100,000 settlement for 84 year old Nassau County man who suffered a left tibial plateau fracture requiring ORIF after he allegedly crossed the street without looking and was struck by the defendant’s car.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $85,000

$85,000 Kings County Civil Court verdict for automobile accident victim who suffered cervical and lumbar disc bulges with radiculopathy and TMJ.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $60,000 for Motorist Struck by Truck

$60,000 settlement for motor vehicle operator whose car was struck by a New York City Sanitation Vehicle which made right turn from left lane in front of his car. He suffered a tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus and partial tears of the medial collateral and anterior collateral ligaments as well as a disc herniation at L4-L5 and bulging discs at C3-C6.

$45,500 Settlement for Westchester Woman with Foot Fractures

A Westchester County woman was struck by a vehicle, suffering fractures of the 1st and 2nd metatarsals of the right foot. She also subsequently required a closed reduction and percutaneous pinning with K-wires. Although she was crossing against the light near the Empire City/Yonkers Raceway, the NYC Personal Injury Lawyers at Antin, Ehrlich, and Epstein, LLP, were able to obtain a $45,500 settlement for her injuries and pain.

Slip on Ice – $36,500 Settlement for Pedestrian

$36,500 for woman who suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck and back after slipping and falling on icy sidewalk.


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