When should I call an attorney? 2017-09-06T14:02:02-04:00

When should I call an attorney?


The longer you wait to contact an attorney to represent you after you have been injured, the bigger risk you run of not being able to fully pursue your claim.

From the viewpoint of the legal system, there are usually deadlines by which actions or claims relating to an incident must be filed.  These deadlines, depending on the court, may be measured in years, or perhaps only months, after the incident.  If you miss any of those deadlines, your claim could be affected or even totally dismissed by the court.  Knowledge of these various deadlines, and a reliable tracking system to ensure they are not missed, is yet another excellent reason why you should use a Personal Injury attorney and not try to represent yourself.

Even outside of these stringent deadlines, think of how peoples’ memories fade with time.  The same is true with your case.  The longer you wait to take action, the more likely it is that witnesses will forget some of the details that may be crucial to your side.  Or, even worse, witnesses may move or die, and their beneficial testimony may be lost forever.

Always start your potential claim on the right foot by contacting an attorney immediately.


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